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PR Insights

25 January 2006

Guy Kawasaki: How to Kick Butt On a Panel

We all do media training and learn how to present properly. But who amongst us knows how to make best use of a panel?

Guy Kawasaki has an informative post on this right here.

(I know, I know. It feels a bit like Guy Kawasaki week here - but he's publishing some interesting stuff which I want to share!).

24 January 2006

How to be a demo god

We all know at least one product manager who needs to learn how to give a good demo.

Guy Kawasaki gives his tips in How to Be a Demo God

23 January 2006

Ten reasons to blog

Morgan McLintic lists his ten reasons for blogging:

1. To showcase my thinking
2. To raise my personal profile and kudos and therefore the value I can bring to my firm
3. To enhance my writing skills
4. To have my ideas challenged
5. To force me to read others' thoughts and keep up to date - perhaps carve my own niche.
6. To show passion
7. To show humour
8. To keep up with my competitors for the position
9. To increase my contacts in the industry
10. Because no list should end at nine.

These are in the comments section of MonkChips and are specifically about why Morgan would think about starting a blog if he were an analyst.

I think they articulate the reasons for blogging as well as any other list I've read. For that reason alone, they deserve sharing more broadly.

22 January 2006

The Business Editors: Mainstream media: adapt or die!

Al Tepper over at The Business Editors looks at the new role that mainstream print media will play in the future.

It's a short piece and well worth reading. There's an interesting comment or two as well.

21 January 2006

Why press releases aren't just for the press

David Meerman Scott has written a post on how "savvy marketing professionals use press releases to reach buyers directly." He's providing a complimentary e-book on the subject.

It seems like a good idea to me. Most journalists I speak to say that press releases are a waste of time. And nowadays, a lot of press releases are put out just to satisfy financial regulations.

Purists may hark back to a time when press releases were a valuable means of providing reporters with information and companies only put them out when they had something newsworthy to say. Those days - on the whole - are long gone. We all need to adjust to that change.

If press releases can also be used to positively influence another audience (this time, customers or prospective customers), then go for it. At the end of the day, that's what PR, marketing and advertising is all about.

Steve Rubel disagrees - not because it won't work but because a) it's not blogging and b) because press releases are only supposed to be for the press.

Thanks to Seth Godin for the original link.

20 January 2006

A PR Guru's Musings: Economist article about PR industry

While I was on Stuart's site, I saw his latest post. It's about an article that The Economist has published on PR.

Stuart comments: "refreshingly, it's a straight business story." I'd agree. Well worth a read.

Media training blog from Guy Clapperton

Guy Clapperton is a freelance journalist in the UK and I've just found his blog. It's great. I love this story.

Thanks to Stuart Bruce for the link.

16 January 2006

Andy Lark: How to kill news

Thanks to Andy Lark for the link - A CBS journalist on how to kill a news story

11 January 2006

Blogs v PR

Shel Israel has got an interesting debate going on about the relative benefits of blogging and PR.

Shel's posted on why blogging is a better bet for early stage Web 2.0 companies than using a PR agency.

Mike Manuel at Media Guerrilla has responded here with a lengthy critique of Shel's argument.

There's more over at Communication Overtones as well as here and here.

Personally, I go with Mike's and Kami's view of the world on this one.