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PR Insights

23 January 2006

Ten reasons to blog

Morgan McLintic lists his ten reasons for blogging:

1. To showcase my thinking
2. To raise my personal profile and kudos and therefore the value I can bring to my firm
3. To enhance my writing skills
4. To have my ideas challenged
5. To force me to read others' thoughts and keep up to date - perhaps carve my own niche.
6. To show passion
7. To show humour
8. To keep up with my competitors for the position
9. To increase my contacts in the industry
10. Because no list should end at nine.

These are in the comments section of MonkChips and are specifically about why Morgan would think about starting a blog if he were an analyst.

I think they articulate the reasons for blogging as well as any other list I've read. For that reason alone, they deserve sharing more broadly.


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